Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shaken yet secure

When I felt secure, I said, "I will never be shaken." O LORD, when you favored me, you made my mountain stand firm; but when you hid your face, I was dismayed. Psalm 30:6
Security rests in our Savior Jesus Christ not our stuff. Stuff comes and stuff goes it’s unreliable. But when Christ comes to dwell in our hearts He remains forever. Because He is secure we are secure. But we must beware lest we believe security resides anywhere other than with the Lord. Our security is not based on feelings, but faith. If our security depends on feeling secure we will be shaken by circumstances. But if our security rests on faith in Christ, no situation can shake us, as Christ will provide us with peace for every storm, trial, and tribulation. 
If our confidence is based on pleasant circumstances our security is at risk. Our life becomes a roller coaster of reactionary responses. If we feel good we are secure. If we feel bad we are insecure. If people like us we are secure. If they do not like us we are insecure. If we have money we are secure. If we lack money we are insecure. If we are healthy we are secure. If we are unhealthy we are insecure. We eventually grow weary and wither under the whiplash of insecure living and thinking.
Moreover, do not place your security in success or failure. The fumes of success can smother your faith as fast as failure can extinguish your hope. It is the security we find in Jesus that never changes. He is our rock and our refuge (see Psalm 62). He never moves. He is not shaken. Critics could not rattle Christ with their mockery and viciousness. Indeed suffering displayed His secure, peaceful, and pure behavior. Resurrection hope warmed His heart with calm assurance and peace.
When left to our own efforts, we are anxious people. Anytime the self seeks assurance outside of Christ it becomes uncertain and restless. The search for security results in insecurity when we marginalize our Lord. Relationships come and go, but our relationship with Jesus is to remain intact forever. Doubt arises when we add anything to our faith in Christ. Therefore, develop your fidelity of faith. You are secure because your security rests on the eternal. Shun earthly securities and embrace heaven’s. Faith in Jesus needs no outside help. By God’s grace and love the faithful are secure even when shaken.
Our prayer:  Father God you are our security and peace.  When the trials and tribulations of life seem to overtake us, Father give us the strength through your Spirit to deepen our connection in you and find peace by keeping our mind stayed on you Amen.

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