Monday, October 19, 2015

Learning Leaders

Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call understanding your kinsman. Proverbs 7:4
Leaders are learners, but when they stop learning they cease to lead wisely. Education is an enlightenment for leaders who think ahead and are engaged in effective management and stewardship. If a leader does not assess the facts of a situation and operate in reality, he loses any advantage he might possess. 
A leader continually asks questions like the following: “How can we better understand what the customer wants and needs?” “How can I get out of the way as the leader, supporting the team to be successful?” “How can our organization go from good to great by integrating and sustaining industry-best practices?” Leaders who learn ask the right questions, get the most accurate answers, and are able to make the wisest decisions.
Furthermore, leaders learn by listening to the Lord and to the wisdom found in His Word. Indeed, it is not a one-time educational event but the ongoing purging of pride, pretense, and prayerlessness. Wisdom becomes a beloved sister to whom you go for counsel. Humility grows into a trusted friend with whom you can confide. The Holy Bible is your defense and armor against the assault of unwise thinking.
Therefore read, study, and apply the Word of God regularly to your life. Read books that highlight bright examples of leaders worth emulating. Learn by listening to teachers who communicate truth with clarity and conviction. Learn from your mistakes, and do not repeat them. Learn forgiveness from your family, service from your friends, and love from your enemies.

Our prayer:  Father help me to grow in my discipleship of being a life long learner, and to embrace all the lessons you have for me this day to grow me and cause me to be effective in my leadership amen.
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