Tuesday, October 20, 2015

He reigns

God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne. Psalm 47:8
God reigns over the entire earth. He is not just the God of the east or the God of the west. He is the God of the north, south, east and west. The arm of the Lord reigns over everyone. The sun never sets on the omnipresent shadow of our Lord. He is the greatest in power, high and lofty in dominion, and extremely eminent in wisdom. He reigns in war and in peace. He reigns in crisis and in calm. He reigns in economic catastrophe and in economic prosperity.  He reigns over evil and good. He reigns over nations and over individuals. 
He reigns from His holy throne. His is not a throne soiled with corruption and self-serving. His throne is full of grace, mercy, peace, love and truth. His throne is marked and defined by holiness. It is a throne that has never been stained with sin, corrupted by cover-up or defiled by injustice. God is seated on His holy throne. He never sits dismayed or in a dilemma, and nothing ever takes Him by surprise. God does not wring His hands in worry. He sits in serenity, for He knows His own power and sees that His purposes will not miscarry. He sits on a throne where He dispenses truth and wisdom. Therefore, approach His holy throne boldly but reverently.
He reigns over the human heart. It is here that we can submit to the Lord’s authority. We are wise to jettison the latter. It is in submission to our reigning King that we come to know His will for our lives. Obedience leads to opportunity. Because our God reigns, He can be trusted. His rules are for our good pleasure. His rules are inviting when we are in right relationship with our reigning King. It is when we resist Him that we foolishly push back from His gracious guidelines. Therefore, love Him and you will love to follow His statutes. He reigns in love and holiness. It is easy to follow an unconditional lover. He reigns lovingly.
Therefore, we have reason to celebrate Christ’s reign. His kingship brings praise and worship to our lips. Our Lord reigns. We have no real reason to worry or stress out because He reigns. We can put the kibosh on our complaining and murmuring because He reigns. We can rest in a peaceful sleep at night, not tossing and turning in distrust, because He reigns. We can let go of control and not be controlled because He reigns. We can give Him our grief, sorrow, and sin because He reigns.
He reigns for the purpose of His glory and His glory alone. It is all about Him and His eternal aspirations. He reigns for righteousness’ sake. He reigns for the sake of the gospel. Live like He reigns. Live free and by faith. Tell all whom you have earned the right to tell He reigns. Validate your words with your life of faith and faithfulness. He reigns. He reigns now and for evermore.
Our prayer:  Father God we give praise to you because you reign.  Help us to continually submit ourselves to your loving reign, and declare continually the goodness of our King Amen.
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