Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't let gossip deter the Gospel

Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down. Proverbs 26:20

Gossip is the go to behavior for those who want to get back at someone. Maybe they were hurt and this is their passive way to inflict pain. Or, motivated by insecurity, they feel the need to build themselves up by putting others down. Gossip only exposes the immature heart of the one initiating the gossip. Misinformation by the misinformed leads to confusion at the least and clouds character of others at its worse. It is by God’s grace and the working of His Spirit that we refrain from fueling the fires of gossip.

Indeed a discreet heart pauses before it is tempted to tickle ears with gossip. There is a noble commitment to create conversation around ideas, not to discussions that demean and tear down people, as God has given us the power to build up people not tear them down. When we operate with discretion it protects our souls from entanglements that later prove to be untrue. For example, we may talk about someone’s long lunches at work not knowing they visit their elderly parent in a nursing home. Discretion is a diligent fact finder that is slow to find fault. 

Furthermore, how can we be discreet as a recipient of gossip? First of all, we recognize it is as a deterrent to a healthy culture at home, ministry, and work. It creates factions, contributes to mistrust and disloyalty, and it erodes productivity all things that the enemy of our souls loves to see as it makes us ineffective for the Kingdom of God. When we dismiss discussions based on hearsay, we say to the gossiper, you do not have control over me or the person you are dishonoring. Instead of keeping quiet we say in love, “I’m surprised, I’ve always known her to finish the job.”

Above all else, we seek the Lord for wisdom and discretion. Discretion is embedded in a heart of wisdom. Without discretion we are not wise, but foolish. Yes, the ability to avoid causing offense by revealing sensitive information is the fruit of wisdom and grace. We become a trusted confidant when our total trust is in Christ. Gossip is an ignorant foreign language to a faithful disciple of Jesus. 

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