Thursday, February 28, 2013


Love always trusts. 1 Corinthians 13:7

Love trusts to the degree it trusts in God. There is an assurance that the Almighty is in control and He will carry out His plan in His timing. Loves sees the Lord as the instigator of all good things and thus, is completely trustworthy. I know that, humans fail (because I fail, and have failed and last time I checked I'm human), but love lifts up those who let them down and gives them a second chance (Just as Christ does. Remember we are to love as Christ has loved us). There is a perpetual prayer from a heart of love that trusts God to do a work of grace in a graceless heart, as God is the only one who can change and transform the heart of man. Love believes Christ can change anyone or anything.

Do you believe the best about your family, friends, and associations? Do you give them the benefit of the doubt? Your relationships grow more attractive as you make it a priority to totally trust. Fear from past disappointments  feed disapproval and disrespect in the present. Let go of unlovely lies that he or she cannot change and begin to treat them like the Lord wants them to become. Be respectful and trust they’ll act respectable. Be kind and trust they will grow in kindness.

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

Love treats others like it would like to be treated. Furthermore, there will be those who are gullible or naive in their approach to trusting love, but God is still at work. A shady soul may take advantage of someone’s good nature, but in the process they will more than likely meet Jesus in the giver’s trusting heart. So, be wise and discerning, but err on the side of extending grace. Love like you trust, with abandonment and without conditions. When in doubt, love.
Above all, trust in the unfailing love of your God. He is always reliable. Be still before Him and hear His voice, listen to His whispers of encouragement, warning and wisdom. Daily tap into God’s great love for you and the measure of your faith will magnify beyond where you have been. The end game in God’s plan for you is to love you, so you can love others and yourself. Trust Him by receiving His grace and love. Belief brings out His love.

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