Thursday, February 21, 2013


Love keeps no records of wrong. 1 Corinthians 13:5

Record keeping of wrongs is taboo for those who love genuinely. Love funnels all its focus toward forgiveness and relational restoration/reconcililation just like our Father in heaven. Love refrains from retaining resentment which leads to wasted emotional energy and unwanted stress levels. Yes, unforgiveness maintains a mental checklist of grievances that offers the enemy an entrance to encroach into a soul’s spiritual stability and begin to develop a root of bitterness which will block our ability to hear from God, and really serve God. Love is not an account ledger that credits rights and debits wrongs. Love is a white board that regularly erases infractions and hurts.

Do you bear the burden of accounting for all injustices committed against you? Are you weary of wishing you had not been wronged? If so, look into the keyboard of your heart and by God’s grace press the delete button of forgiveness and erase external irritations, and start over. Start with a clean slate and your spirit will be set free to rest and enjoy God, people, and serving God the way He intended for you. Let go of harmful words that broke your heart and let the Lord mend it with love. A mind at peace is the fruit of forgiven love.

Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them. Romans 4:8
Since the Lord’s love doesn’t keep records of wrongs against us, we are wise to forgive ourselves of past guilt. The command to love ourselves includes not having a standard higher than God’s toward our transgressions. We are either forgiven of all or not forgiven at all. Jesus Christ’s redemption is not partial, but whole. He does not pick and choose cleansing based on the degree of our offense. We must understand that we are categorically and fully forgiven of past, present and future sins. That is a shout right there.

Therefore, since Christ doesn’t count your sins against you, you can’t count your offender’s sins against them. Your forgiving love chooses to wipe away hurtful infractions. Indeed, ask the Holy Spirit to repair relationships broken by another’s bad behavior: broken trust, broken promises, broken romance, broken cars, homes and bank accounts. Offer up your broken and contrite heart to God, receive His healing love and forgiveness and then extend His forgiven love to others.

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