Saturday, April 7, 2018

Moral compromise

Look, I [Lot] have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. Genesis 19:8
Compromise can corrupt and destroy, especially moral compromise. Lot capitulated to the mores of society. He was more concerned with losing face/reputation to strangers than in the protection and purity of his own daughters. Though he did not know they were God’s angels, it did not justify his behavior. His moral compass was shall we say out of whack. He could see the wickedness in others but not recognize it in his own life, which is something that occurs in us (pointing the finger at others when three others point back at you).
The genesis or origin of moral compromise is a blindness fueled by pride and fear. God’s standards are desecrated, people’s lives and eventually entire communities are in disarray, and even cultures are destroyed. We seek to meet the expectations of people over the Lord’s, which is a sad state of affairs. So how can we see compromise coming? How can we make sure in our business, home, and ministry we do not capitulate to compromise?
First we must understand, teach, cherish, celebrate, and live out God’s word, and follow the leadings and promptings of His Spirit. He is the absolute. He is equally as intolerant to sin as He is tolerant of those who walk in integrity. The Lord is intolerant of lying, stealing, adultery, and sexual immorality. He is tolerant of truth, character, worship, love, and obedience.  
A society that does not seek to establish laws based on His moral standard will cease to be a thriving society, organization, or ministry. This is true throughout history and within all groups of peoples. From families to government there must be a moral consciousness to survive. Otherwise, there is an implosion resulting from unrestrained immorality.
Humility asks, “Do I see the moral blind spots in my life?” “Have I asked friends to help me identify them?” “Do I hold high an uncompromising moral banner based on God’s truth?”
Our prayer: Father God, by the power of Your Spirit give us a heightened sensitivity to sin that we might not fall prey to sin and temptations allure, but flee from sins influence, and find the way of escape You have provided in Jesus’ name, amen.

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