Friday, April 10, 2015


I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. John 17:4

Godly ambition brings glory to God. Yet, we don’t always reflect the glory back to our Lord. our motives sometimes become mixed. we want to be thought of in a good light and given credit for our accomplishments. But, the Holy Spirit reminds us that our Savior is to be in the spotlight, not us. He is the Light of all men and the light of the world, we are only an illumination of His greater glory. Any  industry success is an illustration of the Spirit at work through our work. 

Jesus came to the end of His work by finishing the work assignment given to Him by His heavenly Father. Satan’s hellish agenda could not lure the Lord Christ away from His heavenly mission. Suffering did not give Jesus an excuse to exchange His pain for a renouncement of His equality with God. Instead He surrendered any expedient desires and submitted to the will of His Father. At His death the ungodly ambitions of sinful men were nailed to the cross.

The path of godly ambition is not without resistance and rejection. Those with competing agendas may very well oppose our Spirit led agendas. Some may try to discredit our work so they get credit for the work. If so, we trust the Lord to bring honor to Himself; we do not have to highjack the process. Godly ambition waits on the Holy Spirit to work in spite of unholy influences. When we stay focused on being faithful to our calling, God’s does His work, and His work is the best work.

Moreover, godly ambition finishes well by finishing the work of God. Thoroughness is an attribute of those who trust in the Lord to use their gifts and skills for His glory. We stay on point, so we can point people to Christ. Furthermore, we adjust along the way to meet the needs of those who need us. We may say no to an opportunity so we have more time to invest in a needy individual. Godly ambition trusts God. We get less attention, so we are available to give attention to other needy souls. Ultimately, we die to ourselves so Christ can live through us.

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