Friday, May 10, 2013

Give it up to have it all

In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything cannot be my disciples. Luke 14:33

Abandonment is the attitude of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Utter abandonment to fame, fortune, friends and family to carry out Christ’s calling. I know words like these many of us (myself included) don’t like these hard words of Jesus, but they are a test of our true love and committment for Him and what is necessary to be effective in Kingdom advancement. Am I a casual Christian or am I a committed Christian? Motivations of convenience and comfort bear the fruit of shallow spirituality while the desire of death to self bears the fruit of unencumbered obedience. Count the costs before making commitment.

Zealous fools begin, but do not proceed down the path of the Lord’s purposes for their life. However, as a sober minded disciple who counted the costs, you answered Christ’s call to follow Him. Your commitment was based on the courage and resolution to do the next right thing, regardless. The gates of hell do not prevail, because you are executing God’s game plan. There is a visceral sense of destiny because you are following the most trusted One, Jesus.

Furthermore, tribulation and persecution will come when we persistently love and serve Jesus' joining Him in the working of His will. The outside forces of radical resistance are not meant to be met with our radical activism. A combative and harsh religion loses its attractiveness to the spiritually unattractive. Thus, when we feel pressure to conform to the culture, we invite the Holy Spirit to conform us into the likeness of Jesus. He raises the stakes with our radical love, forgiveness, acceptance and service.

Have you given up everything for God, only to experience His generous return policy? All we have is His anyway, but our gracious Lord allows us to manage His assets. What we desperately hold on to, He often takes and gives away. What we freely let go of, He may give back, since we can be trusted with His blessings. Therefore, count the costs as a Christ follower by being a radical doer of the Word. Be known by how well you love. Give up everything for Him and you can experience it all.

Rev. Todd A. Brown, Pastor
First Baptist of Chesterbrook
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