Monday, July 2, 2012

Becoming the extraordinary is about walking, and working out the process that God has you in to mature you in your relationship with Him, and to bring you closer to obtaining the destiny and call He has for you.  To be extraordinary is to be more then ordinary, it is to be highly unusual, remarkable, and a standard above others.  We as believers are called not to be ordinary in our lives, but to be more then what the world says we can be. 

God has called us to greater then what we are right now, and the way to become the extraordinary is to allow the Word of God to have its rightful place in our lives by dwelling in us richly, in order that we may be able to use it properly in aiding us to fulfill the will of God for our lives.  So as we continue to align ourselves with and work out God’s will, ask yourself have I positioned the Word of God in its rightful place in my life, which is in our hearts, that we may become the extraordinary.  So as we walk together let us rekindle the flame for the Lord and become sacrificial servants for His glory.

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